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The International Magnetics Association About the IMA
The International Magnetics Association (IMA) is a global trade group made up of companies involved in the soft magnetics industry. These companies include manufacturers and distributors. The IMA is organized as a working group with in The Transformer Association (TTA). The IMA was formerly known as the MMPA (Magnetic Materials Producers Association).

The mission of the IMA is to promote the worldwide growth, development, understanding and use of magnetic materials and devices

Industry Standards
The IMA develops, maintains and distributes industry standards. The IMA is currently in the review process of updating and revising the soft ferrite standards

Current available standards:

Soft Ferrite Cores User Guide

Standard Spec for Ferrite Pot Style Cores

Standard Spec for Ferrite Toroid Cores

Standard Spec for Ferrite U E I Cores

Standard Specification for Ferrite Threaded Cores

The IMA presents seminars and workshops in conjunction with major trade shows.

The members of the IMA gather market information and benchmark activity in order to better understand business and technology events that impact the industry.

The IMA meets regularly through the year and at TTA meetings.

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