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Benefits of Membership
 Why do Companies Join TTA?

For the Magnetics Company Owner/Manager —
  • Discuss industry challenges at the TTA Presidents Council that meets separately at
    every TTA meeting. What is the future of the magnetics industry in North America? What can TTA do to assist in the survival of the magnetics industry in North America?
  • Monitor industry and economic trends at TTA meetings — learn from the experts!
  • Network with suppliers

For the Magnetics Engineer —

  • Discuss safety agency topics with UL, CSA and InterTek personnel at TTA meetings
    and during the Engineering Forum. Know who to call when you have an issue to
  • Learn technology trends through speakers at TTA meetings and discussion with
  • Access suppliers for materials and design input.

For the Supplier to the Magnetics and Power Supply Industry —
  • Meet new business prospects.
  • Exhibit new products informally and inexpensively.
  • Learn what your customer wants!

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