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The Transformer Association
Product Index
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3 Phase Transformers
50/60 Hz PC Mount Transformers and Chokes
Audio Transformers (except telephone)
Battery Charger Power Supplies and Transformers
Bobbins and Coil Forms
Computer and Medical Grade Isolation Transformers
Custom Molded Products
Defense/Aerospace Transformers and Coils
Electrical Equipment and Apparatus Transformers and Reactors
Engineering Thermoplastic Resins and Films
Equipment/Apparatus Transformers /Reactors
Ext Mounted Btry Chrgr Power Supplies/Transformers
Ferroresonant/Electronic Regulating Transformers
Fixed Value Signal Indicators
Flexible Insulation
High Voltage Transformers, NEC
Industrial and OEM Current Transformers
Lamination Materials
Large Utility Transformers and Reactors
Lead Wire
Low Voltage Control and Signal Transformers
Machine Tool/Industrial Control Transformers
Magnet Wire
Magnetic Materials
Microwave Oven Transformers
Oil/Gas Heating Ignition Transformers
Potting and Encapsulating Compounds
Powder Cores/Ferrite Cores/Supression Cores/Inductor Cores
Power Distribution/Substation Transformers
Related Process Equipment, including Vacuum Impregnation Systems, Oven & Spray Booths
RF, Video and Microwave Transformers
Small Power Pulse and Datacom Transformers
Software/Design Software
Specialty Lighting Transformers and/or Ballasts
Surface Mount Inductors and Transformers
Switchmode and Converter Magnetics
Telephone Transformers and Coils (except data)
Testing Service
Thermal Protectors
Tubing and Sheeting
Utility Instrument and Signalling Transformers
Wall Outlet and Desktop Transformers